Exiled On Main Street 04|2008

Exiled perhaps, but on the main street.

As the Miart artfair is taking place between the curious provocations and the exasperated thoughts, spreaded on the white cartboard walls threemetersbyone, a group of artists hides in the cellars of Via Correggio, purposing to interpret the location through a sort of conscious isolation, by adapting the essence of each artist to the organic nature of the elements composing the seven underground rooms. In this case, the exile is seen as a choice, and the choice is what makes us free. Free to alter the vision of space and time, forcing the mind to draw on resources that go far beyond the ordinary ability of perception, allowing the artists to ‘be’ the space, besides conceiving it.
Stones, wood and iron finally boast a story to tell, born from the most impulsive and visceral desire to create in a more naturally irregular way. The artists are driven towards the choice of an instinctive act, which at its culmination, inevitably makes them unique. Exiled On Main Street – A Selected Group show, is an exhibition where every corner, every shadow and every sign is available to anybody willing to find the time to observe.