Corrado Abate | NYC

AUG 2010

NYC | Project

The concept is a study-inhabitable and transportable cells, as an artist’s residence to  develop the exhibition’s works and the display set. All the sculpture / installation materials have been founded in the Environments Furniture’s boothset during the design week in Milan in April 2010. The artist has built a case by assembling the floor boards, reinforced with beams that serve as a support for the floor itself. New York is the goal of every artist, especially if emerging as a point of departure or arrival. The cox installation pilgrimage is a testament to how long and difficult this process. Once in New York the case became the living and working space where to build a few new works using local materials, like fabric of military tents in which the company creates its own padding to cover of the structure.The focus idea is to give new life to all the material that has been made available to the artist.

Technical description
Shipped box external dimensions: 2.50 x 1.50 x 1.50 mt.

Inside is another case a few inches smaller, this will serve as the container in which to ship my work to the US, like a suitcase for the immigrant artist. Once its arrives at its destination, I'll dismantle it, joining the panels (alternation the external ones with the smaller ones inside), thus creating the same four walls. Mounted together they will create a cube of 2.50 x 2,90 x 2.90 mt.

Installation weight : around 250 kg
Volume: 5.625 mq.
Detailed materials: fir wood, iron (screw) and textile

Frottaging the world

"car-manhole / new orleans.", 2010
I'm travelling the U.S. with a photographer, she captures the reality in an ethereal  way. As a sculptor I can't take away the object that I see, I'd have too many suitcase.  So I need of a my own way, like a photographer I take my sketchbook and my pencil and I find to catch what my eyes can see trough the frottage. The sheets that I obteined are like a kind of picture, but with a more materialistic point of view reguarding the reality.


manhole 4
anhole 1
metal lattice


telephone pale
decoration on rocking chair
decoration on mailbox

"what divide us unites us", 2010
iroko wood and iron
cm. 86 x 35 x 15

"same ol violence", 2010
oak wood and iron
cm. 93 x 18 x 18