"Does it look good above the sofa? Or how about putting it in the lounge?...Sometimes collectors, before purchasing, have to ask for their wives' advice …", says Luca Maffei with a smile before his espresso. "I thought that combining interior design and art would be fun, at the end of the day furniture and paintings have both always been a way to embellish our homes!". And when such combination takes place in New York the outcome may be unique, especially if the location is the basement of a stunning loft on Broadway, at Environment Forniture (876 Broadway).
Within walking distance of Union Square, on the corner between 18th and Broadway, until October 18th STUDIO MAFFEI IS PROUD TO SUPPORT ITS LOCAL ARTISTS, a statement-making title for an exhibition that is constantly evolving, offering a full program of parties, openings and performances, thanks to the commitment of four young artists Corrado Abate, Tommaso Lipari, Luca De Santis and Fabrizio Braghieri.
The works, some of which realized expressly for the exhibition, others adjusted to the context of Environmen furniture, interact in the surprisingly dramatic darkness of the basement. There is someone who, like Fabrizio Braghieri, proposes an intimate work, started when his mother had passed away, entirely covering his studio in white spiderwebs studio. The same webs that now lay on the gallery's floor, representing the transition, testifying a moment, and how it is contaminated by present. Corrado Abate, with his modular box, ponders over the idea of pilgrimage alongside with the use of wood, like oak or walnut, investigating it different symbols. Luca De Santis tells of interrupted moments and states of passive thought with a series of photographs and videos, while Tommaso Lipari gives us the story of his life in comic strips.

Besides the works exhibited in the basement, for four Sundays until the end of October, the window overlooking Broadway will change its setting up. The single artists will re-interpret the different home spaces using the eco-friendly design furniture provided by Environment and for each "artist-like" room a different vernissage will be showcased in the gallery…

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